My Fox News Experience

It's very rare that you actually witness a life changing e-mail arrive, but that is exactly what happened to me when it came to my appearance on Fox News. I was finishing my morning reflection and had just opened up my email when suddenly a message from a producer at Fox News Online appeared. It was an inquiry to see if I could  appear on Fox News online - a first for me (hopefully not the last). I said yes and she told me two time options to come to the studio: early and wicked early. 

Because I didn't want to be late to work I chose the wicked early time of 6:30AM in the morning, but that was the easy part - there was preparation work to do. I worked extensively with my buddy Dale Vaughn from NextGent to talking points, my lovely fiancee even went out and got me a special shirt, and did my research on Lauren Green who was to be interviewing me. Overall the total time between confirming I would attend and being at the studio was about 14 hours - real quick!

The studio where we would be recording ended up being real close to our apartment so I could have slept later, but Ben would have wanted me up early so it was all good. I put on my suit (gotta look fresh for Fox News!) and my fiance and I headed out the door. Right away at the studio I was thrown off because A) it was early B) there was no one there to interview me. I had prepared for a face to face interview, and what I got was a face to camera interview. Well technically I was looking at this smiley face on top of the camera, either way if I appear discombobulated at the start, that's why. They also gave me one of those awesome ear microphones which made me feel extremely cool. I got into a groove as it went on and when I was done after a pretty long 7 minutes - I went straight to Dunkin Donuts (the only one in LA) and got butternut donuts and a laaaarge turbo coffee!

Everyone at Fox from the crew guys to Lauren Green was super nice to me and the whole thing was a magical experience. If you're curious about when the book comes out, stay tuned, I'm working on it now.