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24 Points About 24: 8:00PM-9:00PM

1.  It's kind of weak how Jack says "I'm in pursuit now" while he's trotting down the street.

2. Chloe's eye-liner is getting more intense with each hour. Note if my fiancee didn't tell me it was eye-liner I would have called it blush or something nuts like that.

3. I'm glad that Michael Wincott is getting his turn as the "big bad" over the whole season. The dude's performance in "Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves" still haunts me.


4. Both Jack and Navarro have tote bags, but only one has a Jack Sack and only one dispatches true justice.

5. Navarro really disarmed that soldier quick, good to know England's finest are working hard.

6. The show does a great job of making locations look more crowded through selective editing. A crowd-shot here, an escalator there, random people walking here -- it goes a long way. 

7. Jack is going to have kill Chloe and it's going to suck.

8. So good to see Under Armor in charge. Although he could have throne a little more energy into his speech for the team.

9. Just what the hell do people do at the CIA/CTU before someone tells them about a threat or a problem?

10. Every time Tate Tots tries to score a point with Audrey, Jack's name always comes up. Jack is indeed everywhere. 

11. Kate Morgan is the alternate universe Nina. 

12. On 24 all interrogations are assisted by hipster dudes with coke bottle glasses who chill in another room nibbling on pens. 

13. When it comes to torture Jack does not need biometrics. Easily one of the more twisted torture hipster lines ever said.

14. 24 has never done marriage discourse well and the Tate Tots and Audrey scene is no exception.

15. Gotta love how the only Russian character in this show is a bald dude with a huge mustache and a wicked accent. What's next British characters who like tea?

16. Look I love me some Chloe but Mary Lynn Rajskub is not the best actress when it comes to dramatic moments out in the field. Keep her behind the computer screen and everything will be fine.

17. Kate and Jack's little trickery on Navarro was cool but it would have been cooler if Jack had to shoot her a la Curtis Manning.

18. It is pretty rough that Kate's husband hung himself, I mean if she doesn't get some level of fatality kill on a bad-guy at the end of this it won't be a satisfactory season at all.

19. The takeaway from Jack's speech to Kate in the car - the only person who deserves forgiveness is yourself. No one else deserves it, everyone else must be destroyed.



20. Oh man, longtime 24 villain Cheng with the entrance of the season. This dude is the ultimate. I'm so pumped he's back. Jack is going to destroy this dude when he sees him - he's the reason there is "distance" between him and Audrey.

21. It's pretty brutal that the whole hacker gang was destroyed by the Chinese. They were just innocent...nerds.

22. This hour of 24 is brought to you by the truth about your dead family members. The truth behind Kate's husband and Chloe's family, all in one episode.

23. RIP Adrian Cross - you have a future in voice-over.

24. Man, what an ending, didn't see that Chinese involvement coming!